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The Tucson Blackbirds are one of three high school rugby teams in Tucson. We are part of the Arizona Youth Rugby Union which includes teams statewide. Our players have positive attitudes and are challenged physically and mentally each week. Our goal as a club is to develop competent and well-prepared young rugby players in a safe, fun and very competitive environment.

Spring Season sign ups

Sign-ups is ongoing @ Dan Felix Park (5790 North Camino De La Tierra, Tucson, AZ 85741). 

You can find the registration forms HERE. 

Dues for Blackbird Players = $80

USA Rugby CIPP fees = $70  

Players are required to complete this registration online at www.usarugby.org  

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Sign up today to play with Tucson Blackbirds, you can find all the forms you'll need to fully participate HERE

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Now recruiting for the Fall 7s season

Practice for the 7s season starts Tuesday October 16, 2018. Registration is ongoing at Dan Felix Park every Tuesday and Thursday 5pm - 7pm.

Blackbirds time to get stronger and faster

Coach has said to get out and train before the season starts. I have been training fellow Blackbirds Kinson, Tala, Tiloi and Coach Jeremy this past summer and they are doing amazing things. They are a lot stronger and faster. You can be too. I am a sports performance coach with USA weightlifting, which means I know how to teach you the Olympic lifts like the clean and jerk and snatch as well as the powerlifts, like how to squat, bench and lift correctly to maximize power and avoid injury. Can you imagine having the explosive power that it takes to clean and jerk or snatch, and then transfer that to the rugby pitch? The control and muscle that you gain allows you to run FASTER be more agile and capable of avoiding tackles (I think you guys call it "mad jukes") and blowing through tackles when you can't avoid them. We also do Crossfit (I have my Crossfit level 1 certificate) and Strongman style workouts. You will also get nutrition coaching so you have the proper fuel in your body to do this amazing work! 

I'd love to have you join our 5:30 or 6 pm class, or if that doesn't work I can accommodate your schedule. We have a lot of fun and your abilities will increase exponentially when you put in the work! Gym fees are $60 per month for Blackbirds and Magpies new to our gym. Check out our website at Fealtyfitness.com or Facebook at Fealty Fitness. Lots of fun pictures there too. 

Call, text or email me with your questions 

Good luck,
Jayna Jarvis 

Practice Location

Dan Felix Park 5790 North Camino De La Tierra, Tucson, AZ 85741

Practice Schedule

Every Tuesday and Thursday: 5pm - 7pm